Tom and Chris moments in Thor: The Dark World gag reel → More fun than should be allowed.




—by Gabrielle Dell’Otto

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Standing up from the throne, he swept his cape back away over his shoulder. The gold of his armour shone in the light of the throne room as he walked to the Jotun who was now kneeling on the cold marble tiles.

"It’s good that you know your place, Jotun. You are my prisoner now." He nodded to one of the guards and they came forward, attaching a collar around the Jotun’s neck and placing a leash into Thor’s hand. "Now, come along." He tugged on the leash, fully expecting the Jotun to follow. 


The jotun’s head was bowed, but he snuck a glance up at Thor as he descended from the throne, red cape billowing dramatically behind him. He had to bite down the instinct to deliver a scathing remark, knowing it would only earn him further pain and humiliation. His skin was already littered with bruises and scrapes since he had not come without a fight. But he was also smart enough to know when he was beaten, or at least when to pretend to be.

His nostrils flared as he felt the collar tighten around his neck, his crimson eyes hardening in contained fury as they rose to meet his captor. He rose wordlessly, long limbs affording him grace that would endure through all but the most merciless beatings. He fumed at being treated like some housepet, but wisely bit his tongue. “If I may be so bold,” he ventured daringly, intending to challenge the golden man as much as possible without actually crossing any lines, “Where are we going?”


Thor could have laughed out loud at the look on the Jotun’s face when the leash was closed upon that delicate neck. The quick look of surprise, followed by the hardening of those Jotun features when he realised what that leash meant.

Tugging at the smooth leather, he led the Jotun back over to his golden throne. With a swirl of his cloak, he sat down, pulling the Jotun to kneel next to him, like a prize race hound. “You are being bold. Didn’t you know it’s impolite to talk to people above you?” Thor scolded him. “It’s best you learn your place here, lest you get the lash upon you.”


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"You look a little lost, can I be of assistance?"





Loki turned quickly at the sound of the all too familiar voice. He was in New York City, for some unknown reason, nostalgia perhaps, looking around at the rebuild of the buildings that had been damaged when he had attempted to take over two years ago. Has it really been two years already?

Remembering himself, he gave a nervous laugh, running a hand through his short dark blonde curls, his disguise very firmly in place.

"I am, a bit." He admitted, "I’m really just…" his mind suddenly blanked as he looked into the face of the one he once called "brother". "Wandering. Things are a bit different since the last time I was here."

His head spun as they were send into another realm. He wasn’t sure exactly what to think. He didn’t think that Loki would try to travel between worlds. The ground spun around him until he was finally resting on his back. He tried to blink, to focus his eyes. He saw a barren sky above. From the groans that were coming from nearby, he knew that it had effected Loki as well. 

Rolling over, Thor came to his feet, shaking his head to clear it. With his vision clearing, he spotted Loki, who looked to be recovering himself. He caught sight also of Loki’s chest and the scars and all that were there. He was confused, wondering how he got them.

He tripped over his feet to take off after Loki when he saw him heading towards the trees. “Get back here, Loki!” He shouted at him, picking up speed to race after him, crashing into the woods behind Loki’s retreating form. 


Loki let out a short growl of frustration hearing Thor’s shout, his lumbering through the trees after him.

"Leave me be, Thor. I have done nothing to you." He paused, "Lately." he added, "Our meeting in that forsaken city was chance, I merely wish to be left alone." He held the remains of his shirt closed, not wanting Thor to see, not wanting to answer those questions, but not having the energy to materialize a new shirt. He hastened his steps as some of his strength returned to him. Just a little longer and then he would be able to send himself home to rest and recover. He just had to get a little further away so Thor wouldn’t attempt to hijack the teleport again.


Thor was gaining on Loki, his superior strength allowing him to recover quicker. “For someone to be left alone, you sure do make sure you are in the thick of things.” He swung Mjolnir, breaking limbs off and away from him. He caught a glimpse of what lie underneath Loki’s shirt and he wondered about that. He knew he would need to catch Loki before he left again. Otherwise, it would be a long journey back for Thor. From where ever the hell they were at right now. 


  · Return of a Brother



He was so caught up in his anger and pain that it wasn’t until Thor was advancing on him that he realized that the barrier between them was gone. The thunderer had the upper hand, or perhaps Loki was playing a losing hand. He always seemed to be ever since he had allowed his greed to overcome him. If he had only let go of his greed, had never called in the Jotun to ruin Thor’s coronation, then none of this would have happened.

Loki released his fist, aching in pain from the being held so tightly. Yet,he became numb to the pain as his rage built more at Thor’s taunting words.There was his invitation and he took. He closed the distance between them before raising his weakened fists to slam against Thor’s chest, the pale flesh soon enough tearing and bleeding as it hit the armor. Yet, the broken one didn’t seem to care.

"SHUT UP!" He shouted, his voice booming. "Just be quiet! I am not Laufey’s son. I would never abandon my own child because of his stunted form. I would never leave him to die in the harsh cold, left all alone, no doubt the babe willing with every breath just for the pain to end." Hot tears began to sting at his eyes as he continued his pounding at Thor’s chest, which was getting him nowhere. It was simply a release, "That child who were grow up in his brother’s shadow, who although greedy, loved his brother more dearly than anyone. The poor child, who despite being a brat, just wanted to please his parents. That little boy who could not cope with being adopted and let his greed consume him. That same boy who evolved into a monster and regrets everything he’s done and just wants to come home and-!"

His pounding only seemed to have stopped when he felt warm hands grab him around the wrists to stop him. Not that he was hurting Thor for he was far too weak for that, but no doubt the thunderer found it an annoyance. It was only then that Loki seemed to notice the pain that he had caused himself. His hands were barely recognizable under coats of blood. What thing had he become? How could he get get out of this mess and truly come home?

Thor was the champion.


It took Loki a few moments to realise that Thor was now in front of him and when his brother did notice, he let loose. The blows to Thor’s chest didn’t hurt, of course. His muscles and the armour help with that. He tried to keep his face with a blank expression as Loki let out so much that he had been keeping held in.

He learned a few things that he didn’t expect of Loki. That he felt the way he did regarding his heritage and also how he felt about when he was younger. Thor felt guilt come when Loki was talking of their childhood and with regret, Thor thought back on how he sometimes treated Loki. This made him react in a way he didn’t think he would.

Reaching up, his gently put his hands on Loki’s wrists, pulling his hands back away from his chest. “Loki.” He spoke softly. “You’ve hurt yourself.” He pointed out the obvious but that brought out more guilt. He didn’t want to see his little brother hurt. “We need to get your washed up.”


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Using Mjolnir, he flies to where her apartment is, landing gently outside her door. It was open like she said and he stepped inside. He heard her in the shower, the water making that familiar sound on the tiles. "Hello?" He called, walking towards the sound.




Darcy was in the shower. She stepped out and poked her head out in the hall. “In here Thor.” She left the door open as she stepped in the shower. Smiling, she stood under the spray of hot water. “Feel free to join me” She called out. 

He closed his eyes, his breathing grew more shallow. This was slow and tender, with meaning and love. It was what Thor had been searching for in what seemed like forever. He murmured his love for her, letting his words wash over her, letting her know she was loved by him. It was wondrous when she came, the way her breath hitched, her body tightened around his. He let her body do what it may and when she was done, they rested. “My darling Darcy. My love.” He told her, softly kissing her neck. Taking hold of her and keeping her close, he stood up from the sofa and walked towards the bedroom. This love making wasn’t over, not yet. There was much more that Thor wanted to experience with Darcy this night. 


Darcy moaned as he remained inside of her and picked her up. She gave off a purr of satisfaction. Her arms wrapped around his neck tightly. Her eyes stared into his eyes as she stroked his cheek gently. His words of love made her heart swell. Once they reached the bedroom, she giggled. "Plan on keeping up all night?" She teased as she tightened her legs around him, refusing to let go, if she didn’t have to.  Darcy didn’t care. She had no plans and as long as she spent her time with Thor, she had no complaints. Her lips began to kiss his neck, leaving hickeys. Wanting the world to know, Thor was taken. 


He made his way towards the bedroom, kicking open the door. He knelt on the bed, still holding onto Darcy in his arms, which curled around her back. He laid her down, holding himself up above her but still staying inside of her. “I plan on wearing you out, having your throat raw from screaming my name.” He grinned, nibbling on her lips. “Hopefully you can keep up with me.” He almost choked on the words at the bites on his neck. “Fuck,” He mumbled, moving his neck to give her better access. His body started moving on it’s own, sliding in and out of her in a slow way. She certainly had her secret weapons, he would give her that. 



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